Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Chick Pics -Sexing Welsummer Chicks

The two chicks facing to the front are males with lighter lines
The outer 2 females have the darker eyeliner near the corner of their eyes.
The 2 in the middle are males.

It is possible to sex a Welsummer at day-old because the chicks are marked like a partridge, with a stripe on the top of the head. The stripe is darker on the female so the difference can be seen by comparison. After four to six weeks there is no doubt, as the comb of the male becomes obvious first.


  1. I love welsummers. I have my first (Ebay) batch hatching as we speak/type. I thought I'd like to say thanks for the information on sexing the chicks. My first one is a female and cause for celebration. If you're interested, I'll be posting update pictures on my facebook page Pentre Poultry. Thanks for a very informative Blogg.
    All the best


  2. thank you for posting the pictures and descriptions of male/female. I got a straight run of 5 and I only wanted to keep a few and give the rest to my sister's farm, but I would have been clueless.

  3. Have had my six Welsumer chicks for 6 days now, and they are a delight; very alert and friendly. They're growing well and getting more feathers daily. I have 5 pullets and 1 cockerel. They're still in a small round self-contained brooder, but I will probably have to move them to something larger in another week. Eventually they'll occupy a 4' x 8' coop with a 10' x 10' run, but I hope to be able to free-range them some of the time on my 3 acres.

  4. I got a mystery chick last week. well it turns out it is a welsummer or at least looks exactly like one. I can't wait to see if it is a he or she. it has a black stripe on it's head black as black.