Standard of Perfection

 This information is from the 2001 Standard of Perfection
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The Standard of Perfection states that The Welsummer was named after the Village of Welsum in Holland. The Welsummer is a Dutch breed that was created from such breeds as Cochins, Wyndottes, and Leghorns in the partridge varieties. Later on they added Barnvelders and Rhode Island Reds. The Welsummer is distinctively known for its beautiful brown egg with some eggs being speckled with brown spots. These egg qualities are what sets it apart from other breeds and has made it so highly sought after. Welsummers have their own unique markings and bright desirable color. They are classified in the light weight breed category but they appear to be larger. In Holland they are entered in the medium weight class. Breeders as well as poultry judge
s select them to a high standard that values their productivity along with their amazing beauty. To learn more about this amazing breed please join the American Poultry Association and purchase a standard of perfection. When selecting our own breeders we adhere to the standard of perfection, breeding large quantities of offspring and only selecting a few that will be entered into our breeding flock annually. They are selected first for their type and size. I refer to this as building the frameof the house first. Next they are examined for their color and feather quality. When pullets start laying if they are not laying the dark brown speckled egg they are culled. Males are also chosen for vigor and beauty along with type and size. Our Welsummers are shown in Texas because judges are needed and respected for their opinions of our birds.

Economic Qualities
The SOP states "Good layers of dark brown eggs. Yellow skin. "

A Welsummer can not have White earlobes.

Standard Weights
Cock...........................7 lbs.               Hen...........................6 lbs.
Cockerel.....................6 lbs.            Pullet............................5 lbs.

Shape - Male
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Welsummer hens and cockeral