Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Month old cockeral

16 week old cockeral
16 weeks old

I am growing out 9 DG Welsummer cockerals for show birds. Each one is in its own pen with a steady supply of food (20%) and fresh water with Red Cell. They range from 2 to 3 months old. These cockerals are from my DG line. These birds seem to all hatch out and grow fast and keep the same look as their father. I see no faults with them so far. They are lucky because they would make great BBQ chicken. As big and plump as these birds are, they are an excellent dual purpose bird. My hens lay speckled and dark brown eggs. When its really hot my Welsummer eggs tend to get a shade lighter, but these girls lay well in our Texas heat. Its 100 degrees or hotter daily now.
Dark speckled Welsummer egg - Hen # 1

Pullet #2 egg
pullet #1 egg
Pullet # 3 egg
Parents of these cockerals
Front row of diverse colored Welsummer eggs.
Large Speckled Welsummer Eggs

Large Darker Brown Welsummer eggs
Cockeral # 4 - 12 weeks old


  1. great..nice artical publishing by you...appreciate on you...thanks for giving detail..

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  2. Good article, I may be interested in buying some hatching eggs from you...where are you located? I am the Wimberley area